Perfume house Thameen launch new hair fragrance

post-carved-oud-hair-fragranceBritish luxury perfume house Thameen have launched a new hair fragrance as part of their Carved Oud collection.

Created by Basel Binjabr, whose childhood visits with his father to the perfume oil sellers of Riyadh instilled in him a lifelong love of fragrance, Thameen is a collection of 5 luxury fragrances inspired by legendary and historical gemstones.

Carved Oud now joins the collection’s other range of hair fragrances, giving perfume collectors another way to enjoy Thameen’s opulent range of scents.

Created with honeyquat to bind moisture to the hair, keratin to strengthen, and argan oil to moisturise and give hair a light, glossy sheen, the new fragrance will ensure hair that hair looks as beautiful as it smells.

Bringing together a heady combination of patchouli, vetiver, cedarwood, musk and a dash of oud from the South of India, the warm scent seems particularly appropriate as we head into the cold months, and will add a touch of the exotic to your beauty collection this winter.

Available now priced £85 at

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