How To Grow Your Hair

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Growing your hair can feel like the slowest process in the world, especially if you’re starting from a short length after a spur of the moment haircut (we’ve all been there). When all the celebs and influencers are rocking waist-length hair, it’s only natural to want flowing locks to compliment any outfit for effortless beauty.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow as you can buy different styles of hair extensions to add volume and thickness for instant impact. Clip-in extensions are available for a temporary look or you can opt for a more permanent look by visiting a salon. All the while, you can continue to grow your hair naturally by following our tips below, so you can wake up glam with no expense!

Invest In Quality Hair Products

The first step is to invest in some quality hair products, especially shampoo and conditioner. Watch out for brands that are filled with sulphates and silicones, as these will give your hair the look of being healthy and shiny but without penetrating the hair follicle, leading to further damage in the long run.

Paying a bit extra for a brand that emphasises the use of natural ingredients, with moisturising properties such as shea butter and natural oils will be better for those trying to grow their mane as these will retain water, leading to stronger and healthier hair.

Take Supplements

There are several supplements that you can take to improve the quality of hair growth and sometimes even speed it up a little. Vitamins such as biotin are known to promote hair growth, and there are even supplements tailored to the health of skin, hair and nails available in most pharmacies.

You can also try massaging castor oil into the scalp once a week as this oil is also known to promote hair growth and can even be used on eyelashes and eyebrows!

Reduce Heat

The heat from hair tools such as hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons can be extremely damaging to the hair when not used correctly or without a heat protectant. The heat from these tools is the leading cause of split ends and damage to the ends of our hair, ultimately meaning that it will break off and therefore get shorter over time if not cared for correctly.

Try to let your hair dry naturally instead, or use hair ties to manipulate the hair into drying a certain way so you can still look chic without the heat.

Protective Hairstyles

At night time if the hair is left loose on the pillow it can rub against the pillow, causing unnecessary damage which is easily preventable. By putting your hair into french plaits at night, or tying it up on top of the head with a soft scrunchy, you can protect the ends of your hair from damage and keep your length as thick as possible. These hairstyles are also great for windy weather when the hair gets beat around in the cold air causing knots and tangles which may have to be ripped out later.

It’s important to be patient when growing your hair, bearing in mind that the average person’s hair will grow about half an inch per month. If you can get into a good routine using quality products and use your extensions in the meantime, then before you know it your natural hair will have caught up with the length and your hair will look full and voluminous – Instagram ready!

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