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All quotes by Jonathan Soons, Headmasters Creative Ambassador

You are my go-to hairstylist and we recently worked together on the Headmasters Christmas campaign which was such a thrill for me, but who are the stylists that inspire you?

The Stylists that really inspire me are Chris McMillan, famous for creating “The Rachel” hair cut with Jennifer Anniston.  Justin Anderson heavily influenced my colour work he is famous for his Southern California style and for creating the best blondes in LA.

And what era most inspires you?

The 90’s is definitely my biggest inspiration at the moment.  Grunge in particular is so hot right now in fashion and for me it’s the era of the coolest and most understated hair, which I love.

What’s the most common mistake women make when it comes to their hair?

I’ve found a big mistake woman commonly make when is come to their hair is choosing a style that doesn’t suit their natural hair texture.  I.e. people with naturally curly hair who want short layers and fringes.  Its best to discuss options with your Stylist as they will be able to help advise you on the looks that will suit your natural texture and face shape.

What’s your go to product?

My go to product is L’Oréal Professionnel Savage Panache, it’s a powder texture spray which really prolongs blow-dries and gives a lived-in texture.  Manta is also a must have for me, the award-winning brush (£25) is super gentle, as its bristles have a complete 360 degree motion to gently free knots and minimise breakage.

I was once told at 44 that I am too old to have long hair…discuss.

If your natural hair colour and texture allows it to be long then go for it.   As long you are regular with colour, trims and hair maintenance you can have long hair at any age.  As always it’s about keeping your hair healthy at Headmasters we created the Healthy Hair Micro Trim, which is a maintenance cut that removes minimal length from the ends whilst maintaining optimum hair health.   Hair is twisted in sections to reveal and remove split ends from mid lengths and ends. Hair is micro trimmed to remove dead ends but still allow for length and growth.

What’s your fave look to style? Up do or simple blow dry?

A lux wave is definitely my fav style, but equally you can’t beat a great show pony.

You taught me about the power of a simple pony, why is it such an effective style?

A simple pony is such an effective style because it works in any situation.  Dressed up or down it suits all occasions.   For evening add a glam wave and keep it super sleek for daytime lux.

Ultimate hair muse?

My Ultimate hair muse has to be Kate Moss.  She always had the coolest styles and her colour and cut choices have always been bang on, she is such an inspiration for me.

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