Hair Tip: Hari’s Party Hair

StyleNest have teamed up with Hari’s hair salon to bring you the most stylish Christmas looks which will ensure a show-stopping look for whatever your Christmas outfit.

With over 35 years as one of the most famous hair spots in London, Hari’s ethos has always remained the same. Hari’s continues to break boundaries and nurture raw talent. With loyal staff and as equally as loyal clients, Hari’s remains one of the most influential salons in London with their innovative ‘Bun Bar’ to the cutting and colouring techniques.

Hari's Hair FeathersLook 1. Hair Feathers

Hari’s hair salon we have been using hair feathers all summer long. Although it’s winter time, they can be the perfect hair accessory for the party season this Christmas 2012.

Application Step 1.

The feathers are clamped onto the hair like a hair extension and can last up to four months. They can be washed and even curled along with the rest of the hair. Attaching several feathers takes approximately half an hour and can be removed even quicker and are available at both Hari’s salons in Kings Road and Brompton Road.

Application Step 2.

Wear as seen in the photograph with a glam blow dry or with the hair up. The feathers add a special twist for the coming Christmas parties.

Hari's Textured PonyLook 2. Textured Ponytail

The Textured Ponytail is part of Hari’s new Pony Bar collection with six different ponytails available in both salons.

Application Step 1.

With two options available, you can either have your hair washed, blow dried and then styled into a ponytail, or for a quicker and time saving express Ponytail, come in and have your hair styled from dry. You can walk out with a bang on hair trend look from the Autumn/Winter catwalks.

Application Step 2.

The hair is styled as required and pulled back with an elastic. The ponytail is then plaited, clamped with straightening irons to give a strong texture. To add more volume and texture simply back comb and spray and you will be looking good to go!

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