Get Travel Ready Hair For Summer 2021

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The summer season has finally started! Summer is a time of fun, sun-kissed skin, Pimms o’clock and mood-boosting vitamin D; but it can also be bad for your hair.

With UV rays, any additional products you’re putting on your locks for those social events (finally!), and a little more sweat than usual, it’s important you’re keeping your hair healthy and happy during these summer months.

With the sun shining – you want to make the most of the day and not spend hours on your tresses, especially when travelling! So, whether you’re rocking au naturale locks or you’re serving up style with some hair extensions, summer is all about feeling good.

Even if it is just a staycation or you’re lucky enough to fly out of the country – we’ve got you covered with some hairstyle inspiration no matter your destination.

A Look For Every Travel Plan

Summer travel means more dust, sand and sun exposure – not to mention chlorine! That’s why you’ll have to take a little extra care of your hair to make sure it’s travel-ready.

There are a few tricks and easy styles that might help to save and protect your hair from the pollution of the city or the saltiness of the beach, keeping you hair-stress-free and chic all summer long.

The Train Journey

You might find yourself travelling via train this summer and having to deal with numerous changes, awkward hours, delays – the works! So, high-maintenance hair styles are totally off the table.

The Ponytail 

It keeps every strand of hair out of the way, meaning you’ll fight the temptation to touch it with your oily fingers, and the weather can do minimal damage. The ponytail is also ideal as it is easy to undo and redo once you are at your location, and it’s not a time-consuming style. A bonus of the ponytail is that it keeps hair off your face; helpful on those extra hot and humid days.

The Plane Journey

The plane journey is arguably one of the most exciting parts of going on holiday or travelling. You start in one country and step out into another; it’s almost magical. But one thing everyone wants to be when on a plane is comfortable.

You don’t want to have to keep trying to fix your hair whilst up in the air. You want something stylish, long-lasting and effortless.

Enter: The Updo/Messy Bun

An updo/messy bun is a hairstyle that needs no introduction – your hair is effortlessly styled above the head rather than letting it fall freely. It’s always chic, and a tried and tested go-to look. It keeps hair out of the way, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

You won’t have to worry about messing it up when you’re relaxing in your seat because they sit so high on your head that they stay out of the way.

To avoid knots and tangles in your hair when you arrive and get off the plane, twist your hair with a scrunchie. Depending on your hair type, using a scrunchie on a long haul trip could even give you some heatless waves.

The Beach Day

Now that the sun is out in full force, the beach is calling your name. The main challenge with the beach is the sand, sea air and potential sun damage. So you want a hairstyle that is stylish but protective at the same time.

The Hat/Scarf

The best natural sun protection for your hair is to wear a hat – they can be an excellent way to protect your hair from damage. Headbands are also a great option.

Invest in a nice cap or headscarf that complements your swimwear and it’ll give your beach style a little something extra, protecting your locks in the process.

Opt for a bright hat or headband to add a splash of colour to your look. Even better, it will keep your hair out of the way so that you don’t have stray strands in your face irritating you on a hot, sticky day and messing up your tan.

No matter how you rock your hair this summer, the best care is going back to basics. From updos to restorative products and, if you’re subjecting it to a lot of heat – whether natural or artificial, make sure you’re using protection!

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