7 Ways to Give Fine Hair More Volume

Photo Credit: Helena Ije via www.pexels.com

The posts on social media might have you thinking that everyone except you has been blessed with bouncy, shiny hair but the truth is that some of these people are just smarter when it comes to styling their hair. I can guarantee you that almost everyone has something they would love to change about their hair, either it too frizzy, too brittle, too flat, or simply too much. If you have fine hair then you’ll know that giving it a boost of volume is often easier said than done but with these 7 simple steps, your fine hair can look just as bouncy as the hair on Instagram.

  1. Healthy Diet

Healthy hair starts on the inside, to get the best out of your hair you have to provide it with the best. Eat a healthy diet, filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water during the day. Learn to love the greenest, leafiest veggies like spinach and kale; these healthy guys are loaded with iron, zinc, and biotin which are all essential for growing luscious new locks.

  1. Lift Your Roots

Add a dollop of your favourite hair mousse to the roots of your hair and then brush it through to the ends of your hair. That way when you style your hair with your hairdryer and a ceramic brush, you can easily lift your roots and lock in that boost of volume. Don’t add too much product or you’ll just be left with a tacky mess and you’ll have to wash your hair and start all over again. This is great for learning how to fix flat hair.

  1. Part Ways Differently

The thing about us humans is we tend to get stuck in our ways and we don’t try new things. Just because the way you currently part your hair has served you well for the last 15 years does not mean you shouldn’t try new things. Your hair will be so used to being parted that way that when you change things up a bit it will give your hair bounce instantly. Play around with a few different options until you find one that you love – you can then keep that one for the next 15 years…

  1. Embrace Curls

Few hairstyles look as perfectly bouncy as curls do, so why not embrace them in your hair? Curling your hair is easy enough to learn and can usually be done in less than 20 minutes, depending on the length of your hair. Add tighter curls for more bounce, once the curls are in all you need to do is hold your head between your knees and shake them out for less of an 80’s look and more of an effortlessly sexy look.

  1. Lower Your Styling Temperature

We all need heat to style our hair the way we like it, I have the greatest sympathy for cavewomen who had nothing but sticks and leaves and had to try to make the best of a bad situation. I’m not saying you shouldn’t heat style your hair, you most definitely should for the sake of longevity… What I am saying is you need to lower the temperature of your styling tools. Higher temperatures will damage the shafts of your hair and makes them more prone to being brittle and breaking.

  1. Add Light Layers

Layers add a ton of volume to your hair, especially fine hair. They are also a fantastic way to get rid of dead, flat ends. Experiment with different looks online before you commit to your next style. Layers can shape your face and make your hair look healthy and bouncy, just remember that layered hair requires more maintenance than hair that isn’t layered because your hair doesn’t all grow at the same rate. All that this means is that you’ll have to make a trip to your favourite salon every 3 months or so to keep your style looking fresh.

  1. Air Dry

The best thing about having fine hair is that if you don’t feel like getting your hairdryer out then you don’t have to – this is something thick-haired people are often envious of. Let nature handle the volume for you by air-drying your hair the next time you wash it. Air drying instantly adds volume, especially if you add a little gel to it whilst it’s still wet, and then crunch it every so often with your fingers to add extra texture.

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