5 Hairstyles to Make Your Hair Appear Fuller & Thicker

Hair that is full and thick has always been in fashion; sadly thin hair is yet to have its moment. So, if you’re lacking in lustre, failing at it being fuller and thirsty for thick hair here are six ideas that could help you achieve your dream look.  

Embrace your natural texture

If you’ve never been a fan of your hair’s natural texture, now is the time to embrace it. Let’s say you have thin but wavy hair, this means you really need to work with the natural texture to make it look extra thick and bouncy. Plus, constantly blow drying and straightening your hair will damage it. Find a product that tames the frizz and embrace the natural beauty that you are.

  1. Fill it out

With high quality human hair extensions available now, it’s easy to add thickness and interest to your locks. With a huge variety of different colours to choose from, modern hair extensions are really difficult to see amongst your own hair if you match correctly. You have the option to go semi-permanent with fixed hair extensions or you could buy clip in hair extensions for those days where you just need a little bit of extra oomph.

  1. Flip your parting over

If you’ve worn your parting in the same place for years, your hair will be naturally flatter to one side. Flip your hair over to the other side for a simple quick fix for voluminous hair – spritz it with some texture spray at the roots to hold it in place and you’re sorted.

  1. Get your hair layered

Layers have a bad reputation when it comes to hairdressers, usually because of that one bad experience where the hairdresser took your hair from shoulder length to a bob and it’s enough for you to never trust a stylist again. However, it’s time to conquer that fear because if your hair is all one length it’s going to look flat and boring but throw a few layers into the mix and you have texture and hair that looks fuller and thicker almost instantly.

  1. Embrace products for texture

If you’re wearing your hair down and want it to look full and tousled then texture sprays or dry shampoos work best. Bumble and Bumble do a whole range devoted to thickening and they also have dry shampoos to suit the colour of your hair, so that you it doesn’t look like you’ve gone grey over night. Simply spray in the roots in sections and give it a tussle with your fingers and you’ll have instantly thicker hair.

  1. The fringe effect

Finally, according to Latest Hairstyles, a ‘super strong bang can actually make thin strands appear thicker,’ – so put on your best Claudia Winkleman impression and get yourself an edgy blunt ended fringe to give your flat hair a lift.

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