Say Goodbye To Giant Pores

When you think about the perfect skin, what does it look like to you? Probably, it has a smooth, matte finish and an even tone throughout.

But there’s a problem: giant pores. Large pores have the effect of making your skin look less even. Worse still, pores can get gunked up and form blackheads. So if you want perfect skin, you have to control your pores. But how?

It turns out that there are a number of strategies you can follow to reduce the size of your pores, many of which are backed by official science. With the right advice, you really can get the skin of your dreams.

Keep Your Pores Unclogged

What are pores? Essentially, they’re small holes in the surface of the skin that allows small glands under the skin to release oil. They’re essential, and without them, your skin would dry up. You would think that large pores might work a little better: after all, there’s more space for oils to escape. But in reality, this isn’t what happens. Instead, they become clogged and infested with dirt. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a blackhead. If you’re unlucky, you’ll end up with an infection and a spot.


The good news is that it’s relatively easy to keep pores unclogged. Regular face masks are an excellent way to remove all the gunk that gets into pores, helping to free you from the scourge of breakouts. Face masks work by drying and then drawing all the nasty stuff out of your pores, allowing them to close up once more. This is one of the reasons your face feels a bit tight after applying a mask.

Do A Cucumber Cleanse

Going au naturel might be a bit “yawn,” but it turns out that many of the chemicals you can find in top-of-the-line cosmetics began their life in natural foods. Food has been known to have healing properties for thousands of years and can be applied topically for great effect.

The reason cucumber is so effective is that it contains a natural astringent. This means that simply applying it to the face can lead to less open pores.

For cucumber to be really effective, you need to apply the juice, not just the raw cut up vegetable placed over your eyes like you see in so many beauty adverts. Take a cucumber, cut it into chunks and throw it in the blender with a bit of water. Once it’s mashed into a pulp, remove it from the blender and put it in a bowl. Then take a piece of cotton wool, soak it in the mixture and dab on your face. 10 minutes or so after application, you should begin to feel it taking effect. Your skin will feel tighter and less greasy. Make sure to wash the residue off your skin after 20 minutes to prevent your skin from drying out.

Use A Facial Steam

People often use facial steams to help them clear a blocked nose. But facial steams have a number of other uses in beauty. One of them is to reduce the size and appearance of your powers. It turns out that having a facial steam is a great way to get rid of all the dirt and oil that accumulates, clearing out the debris.

Creating a facial steam is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is fill a bowl with warm water (not boiling to be on the safe side), and add some essential oils or herbs (rosemary is great). Then grab a towel and cover your head and the bowl so that the steam circulates around your face. It should be like having your own mini sauna.

Experts recommend having a facial steam once per day for 10 to 15 minutes.

Use Clay Masks

There are all sorts of different masks on the market right now. A quick glance at The Beauty Store throws up dozens of products. But it turns out that, when it comes to reducing pores, clay masks are still king.


The reason clay masks are so effective has to do with the ability of the clay-like substance they contain to pull unwanted oils out of the skin. Kaolin clay seems to be particularly effective.

Use Oil To Beat Oil

The idea of putting oil on your face to reduce the size of your pores might sound a little bit counterintuitive. After all, aren’t you trying to get the oil off your skin so that your pores can close up?


It turns out that, even if you’ve got large pores, your skin still needs oil to keep it supple. That’s why it’s a good idea to use oil cleansers at night. Bliss Clog, for instance, has an oil-based cleanser which is great at keeping pores free from gunk. Many of the oils used in these products are extremely light, meaning that they add moisture without clogging up pores.

Use Products With Retinoid

Retinoid products were famous for keeping pores unclogged and reducing their size. But they got a bad reputation. With frequent use, they made skin red, chapped and sore – not what women want from a skincare product.

But retinol-based products always had potential. That’s because of the presence of retinol, an essential nutrient for keeping skin young and supple for longer. What’s more, in the laboratory, products which contain retinol have been shown to keep spots at bay and reduce blemishes and rosacea.

As a result, cosmetic companies have been looking for ways to make these products completely beneficial for the skin. They want women to get the benefits of retinol without all the soreness and redness. The solution is to use a new form of hyaluronic acid in combination with tretinoin, both of which effortlessly hydrate the skin. Products which contain retinol today no longer irritate the skin. Make sure you choose a trusted brand.

Use Egg Whites

Eating egg whites is probably a bad idea for your skin, but applying it topically helps. Whip up some egg whites in a bowl and then apply to the face with hands. After a while, it should form a thin film to get rid of wrinkles and remove dirt from pores. Just don’t put it too close to your mouth – you don’t want food poisoning.

Use UV Protection

We all know we should use UV protection for health reasons. But did you know that you should do it for cosmetic reasons too? It turns out that UV radiation from the sun is a double-whammy for your skin. Not only does it damage it at the DNA level, but it also reduces the amount of collagen it contains which can lead to enlarged pores. Collagen is what helps the skin retain it’s bouncy, supple appearance when we’re young. But repeated exposure to energetic radiation from the sun can damage the structure of collagen as well as the proteins that make it. Over time, less of it is produced, which is bad news if you want to keep pores small.

The solutions is to use primers that contain SPF. There are dozens on the market today, including NARS Pro-Prime Multi-Protect.

Chemical Peel Kits

Finally, chemical peels may also provide a solution to your giant pore woes. Today’s chemical peels are much more advanced than the products of yesteryear. Today, top skincare companies include ingredients like glycol acid found in apples to improve antioxidant capacity and reduce inflammation. Today’s peels from companies like Vivite are almost miraculous in their effects and a great choice for helping your skin look and feel better.

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